History Quiz: Famous Personalities of World War I

History Quiz: Famous Personalities of World War I
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The History Quiz about Famous Personalities of World War I, which you can take on this page of our website, consists of 10 interesting questions about different people. Test your knowledge about them!

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1. Marshal of which country was Ferdinand Foch?

2. In what year did the abdication of William II take place?

3. How old was Franz Ferdinand at the time of his assassination, leading to the outbreak of World War I?

4. In which country was Mata Hari executed?

5. What did the Russian pilot Peter Nesterov use for the first time in the practice of combat aviation?

6. German writer, one of the most prominent members of the Lost Generation, whose novel is considered the most popular anti-war novel of the twentieth century.

7. What was the name of the English nurse who helped two hundred Allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium?

8. Russian Emperor Nicholas II in the years before the war ...

9. Francis Pegamagabo is a legendary Canadian ...

10. Where was Ernest Hemingway accepted as a volunteer during World War I?