History Quiz: The Beginning of World War I

History Quiz: The Beginning of World War I
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World War I was one of the most devastating wars in human history. Thirty-eight nations took part in it, and its hostilities also spread to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia.

The History Quiz "The Beginning of World War" I is one of a series of quizzes on the subject. It consists of 20 questions of varying difficulty. Test your knowledge!

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1. Select the date of the beginning of World War I.

2. Gavrilo Princip is a ...

3. Wilhelm II, who became the last German emperor, is ...

4. How old was Franz Ferdinand when he was murdered by a Serbian nationalist?

5. Which country was not part of the Triple Entente?

6. Whose navy was the largest at the outbreak of World War I?

7. After which of the three heroes was the Russian biplane bomber named, the beginning of the operation of which was in 1914?

8. Which country's lightning-fast defeat was the Schlieffen Plan?

9. Fill in the blank in the words of Helhelm II about the Schlieffen Plan: "Paris for lunch, ... for dinner".

10. France's military doctrine (Plan XVII) prescribed that the war begin with the liberation of ...

11. Which country did Germany declare war on August 3, 1914?

12. Choose the date of the German invasion of Belgium.

13. This is how German Reich Chancellor Theobald Bethmann-Holweg, in conversation with the British ambassador Edward Goschen, called the international treaty that guaranteed Belgium's neutrality.

14. The SAVA, produced in 1914, is a ...

15. The defeat of which army ended the Battle of the Marne, which took place September 5-12, 1914?

16. "Race to the Sea" is an operation by both German and Anglo-French forces on the Western Front of World War I. Which sea are we talking about?

17. Were cavalry forces considered necessary at the outbreak of World War I?

18. The commander of which country was Radomir Putnik?

19. Were British and French troops able to conquer the German colony of Togo in 1914?

20. On whose side did Japan enter World War I in 1914?