House of Cards Quiz: Trivia Questions with Answers

House of Cards Quiz: Trivia Questions with Answers
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House of Cards is an American web series in the political thriller genre. It is an adaptation of the BBC mini-series of the same name. In 2015 it won two Golden Globe and Emmy awards.

The House of Cards Quiz consists of 10 multiple choice trivia questions with answers. Test your knowledge of the topic!

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1. In the first season, there is an accident in Frank's hometown. A girl crashes after crashing her car into a ...

2. Zoe Barnes dies ...

3. What does Claire Underwood give to her assistant to ward off suspicion of Thomas Yates's murder?

4. What addiction did Doug Stamper struggle with?

5. Frank stopped by Freddy’s BBQ to eat ...

6. Where does Claire work at the beginning of the series?

7. In resigning, the Chief Justice offers Heather Dunbar to take his place. What does she do?

8. What helped Jackie Sharp cope with the effects of morally demanding work?

9. William Conway manipulates voters and collects data about them with a search engine ...

10. What book does Doug leave on the table as he leaves for his last meeting with Claire in the season finale?