John Singer Sargent Quiz: Trivia Quesions and Answers

John Singer Sargent Quiz: Trivia Quesions and Answers
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John Singer Sargent is one of the most important American artists. He is best known for his portraits.

The John Singer Sargent Quiz that we offer you to take today consists of 10 interesting questions about this artist. See how familiar you are with his biography and work.

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1. In what year was John Singer Sargent born?

2. Who was John Sargent's mentor?

3. One of John Sargent's paintings depicts a famous impressionist painter working at the edge of a forest. Who is it?

4. John Sargent is considered one of the first American stateless people. What is a stateless person?

5. One of John Sargent's paintings was the subject of a ballet in 2016. Which painting are we talking about?

6. What board game was John Sargent very fond of?

7. In 1919, Sargent painted a painting commissioned by the British War Memorial Committee, the purpose of which was to preserve the memory of the victims of World War I. What did the artist depict in this painting?

8. This painting by Sargent is also known as "Chinese Lanterns," and its idea came to the artist in August 1885 while he was traveling along the Thames River.

9. Who is playing chess in one of Sargent's most famous paintings?

10. In what other painting by John Sargent can you see a game of chess?