July Quiz: questions and answers

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July Quiz: questions and answers
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We continue our series of quizzes about the months of the year. She has become very popular on our site. Is it summer or winter in your country in July?

The July quiz consists of 10 interesting questions. Can you answer each of them correctly?

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1. How many days in July?

2. Fill in the gap with a correct word.
July is the ... month of the year.

3. What was the name of July in the Roman calendar?

4. In which hemisphere of the Earth is July the warmest month of the year?

5. What is the name of the annual Bulgarian holiday celebrated the night before and on the first day of July?

6. When is Canada Day celebrated?

7. Fill in the gap.
July is the ... months to have a length of 31 days.

8. 20 countries of the world celebrate Independence Day in July. Which country does not belong to them?

9. Which country is summer in July?

10. When is Arnold Schwarzenegger's birthday?