Kelly Clarkson Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions and Answers

Kelly Clarkson Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions and Answers
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Kelly is a very talented singer with a powerful and strong voice that makes all her song very touching. Do you know much about her life and music career? Play this quiz and test your knowledge.

The Kelly Clarkson Quiz includes ten multiple choice trivia questions with multiple choice answers.

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1. What is the full name of Kelly Clarkson?

2. Which TV show made Kelly famous?

3. At what age did Kelly start her singing career?

4. What was Kelly's debut album?

5. When did Kelly released her first children's book River Rose and the Magical Lullaby?

6. What is Kelly Clarkson's singing voice?

7. Who was a major influence on Kelly?

8. How many children do Kelly and her husband have?

9. What is Kelly's birthplace?

10. For which song has Kelly won her first Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance?