Lexicon Quiz: 20 Trivia Questions

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Lexicon Quiz: 20 Trivia Questions
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Words help us communicate, exchange thoughts, and express our point of view. And the more we read, learn new things, show our curiosity in different areas, the richer and more diverse our vocabulary is.

The Lexicon Quiz consists of 20 interesting multiple choice trivia questions of varying difficulty. If you answer most of them correctly you can become proud of your literacy!

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1. A lipophrenic is a person who ...

2. Can you find synonyms for the word "amphibolic"?

3. What in literature is understood by the word "counterpoint"?

4. What is "absolute hearing"?

5. Petroglyphs are ...

6. Tautology is not uncommon both in everyday speech and in the articles we read on the internet. What does it mean?

7. Congenial is a vivid word that was formed from the word "genius." What is its meaning?

8. What process is referred to as in vitro?

9. What in psychology is meant by the term "mental movement"?

10. What does "labialization" mean?

11. Where and how is the device of assonance used?

12. What in the film industry is meant by the term "machinima"?

13. What does the term "ellipse" mean in literature?

14. What does the word "touché" mean when referring to an argument?

15. What is pagination?

16. What is one meaning of the word "missa" in Latin?

17. What is called "internalities" in economics?

18. How does an indifferent person behave?

19. What reigns supreme in terms of fideism?

20. Gestalt therapy is one of the modern trends in psychotherapy. What does the word "gestalt", from which its name is derived, mean?