Literary Quiz: In the Footsteps of Jack London

Literary Quiz: In the Footsteps of Jack London
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Jack London is a writer, journalist and author of stories and novels that we become familiar with as children. They captivate us with their interesting adventures and teach us really important things.

The Literary Quiz: In the Footsteps of Jack London consists of 10 questions with answers about the life and work of the famous American writer. Test your knowledge of this topic!

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1. What country was Jack London a classic writer?

2. What was the name of Jack London's novel about the confrontation between a young sailor and a schooner captain?

3. What did Jack London bring back from his trip to Alaska?

4. Which phenomenon is brilliantly portrayed in many of Jack London's novels?

5. Which work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels was the starting point in shaping Jack London's socialist views?

6. For which work did Jack London receive his first royalty, which launched his literary career?

7. What was the name of Jack London's first collection of short stories?

8. Which pirates were not hunted by the heroes of Jack London's Patrol Stories?

9. What was the name of the dog in the story "The Call of the Ancestors"?

10. What is the title of Irwin Stone's book about Jack London?

11. What saved the scurvy patients in Jack London's story "God's Mistake"?

12. What did Jack London serve a month in jail for after participating in the unemployed march on Washington in 1894?

13. In which film adaptation of Jack London's work was Julbars the dog, a World War II veteran?

14. What Soviet film was made for the 100th anniversary of the writer's birth?