Mars Satellites Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions and Answers

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Mars Satellites Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions and Answers
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Mars can be called the most attractive planet for mankind, unless, of course, you count our Earth. So we know a lot about it and its satellites. How many do you think there are? How do their names translate from Greek?

The Mars Satellites Quiz on this page consists of trivia questions of varying difficulty. They will test your knowledge. Can you answer each one correctly?

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1. How many satellites does Mars have?

2. Which satellite does not belong to the planet Mars?

3. Who suggested that Mars had two satellites?

4. Which work of fiction described the existence of two satellites to Mars 150 years before their discovery?

5. In what year were the satellites of Mars discovered?

6. What are the satellites of Mars made of?

7. The tidal action of Mars is gradually slowing the motion of one of its satellites, lowering its orbit. This will eventually cause it to fall to Mars. Which satellite are we talking about?

8. Which satellite of Mars is gradually moving away from the planet?

9. Which satellite is closer to Mars?

10. From which author's works are the names of the satellites of Mars taken?