Melbourne Star Observation Wheel Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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The Melbourne Star is a giant Ferris wheel located in the Waterfront City precinct in the Docklands area of Melbourne. It offers a magnificent 360-degree view of the city.It is one of the most attractive attractions in Victoria's capital city.

The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel Quiz consists of 20 interesting questions that will test your knowledge about this Ferris wheel. Can you answer each of them correctly? Try your hand at it!

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1. What was the previous name of the Melbourne Star?

2. What is the height of this Ferris wheel?

3. What do the seven spokes of the Melbourne Star wheel reflect?

4. How long does it take to ride this observation wheel?

5. The Melbourne Star provides an overview of up to ...

6. In what year was the Melbourne Star opened?

7. How many days did the Melbourne Star operate after its first opening?

8. How many passengers can one Melbourne Star cabin hold?

9. How many cabins has this Ferris wheel got?

10. The Melbourne Star is ...