Mesolithic Quiz: Multiple Choice Trivia Questions with Answers

Mesolithic Quiz: Multiple Choice Trivia Questions with Answers
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Mesolithic, the Middle Stone Age, which was marked by progress in the development of social factors: the formation of common norms and rules of behavior, prohibitions and injunctions, which were fixed ideologically and became part of tradition, religion and taboos.

The Mesolithic Quiz consists of 10 multiple choice trivia questions with answers. Test your knowledge of this era in the development of mankind.

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1. Which two Greek words make up the word Mesolithic?

2. Between which ages was the Mesolithic period?

3. Which term is used for Mesolithic cultures outside Northern Europe?

4. Where did Mesolithic begin earliest, i.e., about 15,000 years ago?

5. Which of the following Mesolithic-type cultures continue to exist in the 21st century?

6. When did the phenomena characteristic of the European Mesolithic appear in the Americas?

7. What else is Mesolithic called?

8. What territories did people develop during the Mesolithic?

9. What differences in art appear in the Mesolithic compared to the previous period?

10. Which era is associated with the beginning of the Mesolithic?