Music Quiz: Great Musicians of Different Eras

Music Quiz: Great Musicians of Different Eras
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Music is an art form that has a huge impact on our lives. Whatever it is, it makes us feel, changes our mood, and becomes a vivid reflection of our experiences and emotions, even those we try to hide.

The Music Quiz: Great Musicians of Different Eras will test how well you know the people who create and bring to our ears their extraordinary works. Try answering each of the 20 questions correctly!

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1. Which title was awarded to the famous Austrian musician and composer Johann Strauss?

2. Choose the composer who is considered the founder of Russian classical music.

3. Who wrote the cycle of violin concertos "The Seasons"?

4. Which city is considered the birthplace of the composer and virtuoso musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

5. What musical instrument did Johannes Brahms play and write music on?

6. This famous composer and musician suffered from tinnitus, which did not stop him from writing his greatest works and making history forever.

7. Franz Schubert's musical work "The Third Song of Ellen" is known to modern listeners as ...

8. What is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's first symphony called?

9. After which composer is the international airport in Warsaw named?

10. This composer was unable to enter the conservatory that today bears his name.

11. How many operas did N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov write during his creative life?

12. Which of Tchaikovsky's ballets features the work "Waltz of the Flowers"?

13. What number did Ludwig van Beethoven assign to his famous "Moonlight Sonata"?

14. What is the name of the last work by the musician and composer S.V. Rachmaninoff?

15. Which musician is considered the creator of "light music"?

16. Who is the author of the opera "Sadko", in which the main character is the hero of Russian bylinae?

17. A genre of musical work by Dmitri Shostakovich called Song of the Woods.

18. Who wrote the operas The Flying Dutchman, Tristan and Isolde, and The Ring of the Nibelung?

19. Which historical events are the basis of M. Musorgsky's opera Khovanshchina?

20. Which of these composers did not write a single opera?