Music Quiz: What Do You Know About the Saxophone?

Music Quiz: What Do You Know About the Saxophone?
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The saxophone is one of the most popular musical instruments. It has a full and powerful sound, a melodious timbre and great technical mobility.

The Saxophone Quiz that we offer you to take today is designed for music lovers, so its questions are not difficult. Can you answer each of them correctly?

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1. When was the saxophone invented?

2. In what country was the inventor of the saxophone born?

3. After whom was the saxophone named?

4. At the end of the 19th century, a new style of music was born in the United States, with the saxophone as one of its main instruments. It is ...

5. Which saxophone on the list is larger in size?

6. Yamaha YAS-62 is ...

7. How can you tell an alto saxophone from a tenor, other than size?

8. Do soprano saxophones come curved?

9. How many basic sizes of saxophones are there?

10. Which composer invented the name of the musical instrument "saxophone"?