Pablo Picasso Quiz: 16 Trivia Questions with Answers

Pablo Picasso Quiz: 16 Trivia Questions with Answers
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Pablo Picasso is called the most "expensive" artist in the world. And his famous paintings, placed in famous museums around the world, are in particular demand from thieves. Which, however, is not surprising, his painting "Algerian Women" sold in 2015 became the most expensive ever sold at auction.

The Pablo Picasso quiz, which you can take on this page of our website, consists of 15 interesting questions about the biography and work of the great 20th-century artist. Can you answer each of them correctly? 

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1. In what country was Picasso born?

2. How many works did Pablo Picasso create during his life, according to the New York Museum of Modern Art?

3. The great painter got his name Picasso from his ...

4. Who was the future artist's first art teacher?

5. Pablo Picasso studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts San Fernando in Madrid. How did the young artist feel within its walls?

6. Where were Pablo Picasso's first two solo exhibitions held?

7. Who is depicted in Picasso's painting Child with a Dove?

8. What period of Pablo Picasso's work is his famous painting Girl on a Ball?

9. One of the founders of which artistic movement is Pablo Picasso?

10. What was the first title of Picasso's famous painting The Ladies of Avignon (Les Demoiselles d'Avignon)?

11. Inside what is the action of Picasso's painting Guernica unfolding?

12. How many times was Pablo Picasso officially married?

13. The great painter's first wife was ...

14. Catherine Huyten-Bleu, who became the heiress of Pablo Picasso is ...

15. In 1985 the Picasso Museum was opened in Paris.What is the name of the mansion in which it is located?

16. On May 11, 2015, Picasso's painting The Ladies of Avignon was sold in public auction. The price of its sale was an absolute record at the time, it was ...