Pets Quiz for Kids: Trivia Questions and Answers

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Pets Quiz for Kids: Trivia Questions and Answers
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Pets are our little friends. They need our care and protection. By taking care of them, we learn to be kind and responsible. Let's test today what you know about them.

The Pets Quiz for Kids consists of 10 interesting multiple choice trivia questions with answers. Be careful not to make any mistakes. Good luck!

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1. Which pet is a rodent?

2. Which of the pets is happy when wagging its tail?

3. One of the most popular pet birds is the wavy ...

4. Whiskers are most commonly called ...

5. A cheerful white dog with black spots is a ...

6. Which pet was the main character in the movie Beethoven?

7. Which of the following has the most independent character?

8. Can a cat and a dog live in the same house?

9. Can you take a hedgehog from the woods to make it a pet?

10. Which pet has sharp claws extending out of its soft paws?