Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions about World War II

Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions about World War II
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The 10 Trivia Questions about World War II, which we have collected on this page of our website will test your knowledge on this topic. How many correct answers will you give?

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1. In what year did the World War II begin?

2. Who won the World War II?

3. Which country did not take part in World War II?

4. In which country did fascism originate?

5. Which country lost the most people in World War II?

6. The longest battle of World War II.

7. How many Jews served in the U.S. Army?

8. Which World War II battle was the largest battle fought by U.S. forces?

9. How many people were killed by the Nazis?

10. The "divine wind" in World War II was ....