Quiz: 15 Questions for the Curious

Quiz: 15 Questions for the Curious
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1. Which insect is known for its amazing eyes that can shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow?

2. Which great scientist was the first to suggest that the Earth revolves around the Sun rather than the other way around?

3. Which vegetable contains more vitamin C?

4. What great discovery greatly reduced the time of sea travel?

5. What is an IP address?

6. What is the main source of energy from the sun?

7. Why do the days get longer in the summer?

8. Which butterfly is considered the largest butterfly in the world?

9. What happens to an airplane when it reaches the point of no return?

10. How many natural satellites does the earth have?

11. Which French invention had a significant impact on world culture?

12. Which Russian writer is considered one of the founders of the modern Russian literary language?

13. Which great artist is known for his experiments with color and form, which had a significant influence on the development of abstractionism?

14. Which musical instrument has more strings?

15. What happens to a grape if you put it in the microwave?