2001 Mars Odyssey Quiz: questions and answers

2001 Mars Odyssey Quiz: questions and answers
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2001 Mars Odyssey is an orbiter launched in 2001 by NASA. It is orbiting the planet Mars to explore the surface of the Red Planet.

2001 Mars Odyssey quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers to test what do you know about the topic.

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1. Who developed the 2001 Mars Odyssey?

2. On which date was 2001 Mars Odyssey released to mars orbiter?

3. What record did the mission break?

4. When did Odyssey arrive at Mars?

5. What was the cost of the entire mission?

6. What was Odyssey's mission?

7. Who was the mission named after?

8. Until what year is Odyssey was expected to work?

9. Until what year did Odyssey's original, nominal mission last?