20th Century Fox Quiz: questions and answers

20th Century Fox Quiz: questions and answers
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20th Century Fox is one of the biggest film studios in the world which is located in the United States. What do you know about it?

20th Century Fox quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers to test your knowledge about the topic.

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1. When was 20th Century Fox founded?

2. Which film is ranked #1 as 20th Century fox's highest grossing international film?

3. Where is the 20th Century Fox headquarters?

4. How many people founded the company?

5. Who is not a founder of 20th Century Fox?

6. When did Rupert Murdoch buy 20th Century Fox?

7. Which movie is the company's first release?

8. When did the company broadcast the radio series "Twentieth Century Fox Presents"?

9. When did "20th Century Fox Records" stop producing records?

10. Who originally composed the opening music?