Famous Personalities Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

Famous Personalities Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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What do you know about the most famous people in the history of all mankind? Check your knowledge by playing the quiz.

The Famous Personalities Quiz includes multiple choice trivia questions with answers about interesting moments of great people's biographies.

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1. Which famous actor received the "Oscar" for the best acting, having only 15 minutes of screen time?

2. About who Elizabeth Taylor once said: «The Lord God has another beautiful angel who knows what to do in heaven»?

3. Who was the first man sent to space?

4. Whose real name is Norma Jean Mortenson?

5. Which of the following rich men spent more than half a billion dollars on charity?

6. Who did "Time" magazine call the man of the year in 1938?

7. Whose brain was 70% less than usual volume by the time of his death?

8. Which of these great generals was afraid of cats?

9. Who believed that leaking a bucket of ice water out on his head before composing music stimulates brain activity?