Adidas Quiz: questions and answers

Adidas Quiz: questions and answers
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Adidas is the world-famous German brand that designs and manufactures sportswear and accessories.

Adidas quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers to test yourself.

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1. Who is the current CEO of Adidas?

2. Who founded Adidas?

3. Who was the first to use Adidas spikes in the Olympics?

4. Which was the first ever pair of sandals made by adidas?

5. Which famous German Soccer team is 9.1% Adidas?

6. Where is Adidas' head office situated?

7. Which company was established by Rudolf Dassler to rival Adidas?

8. In which year was Adidas officially registered?

9. What is the Adidas logo?

10. What does Adidas stand for, according to popular urban myth?