African Buffalo Quiz: questions and answers

African Buffalo Quiz: questions and answers
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African buffalo is an animal native to the African region. Nowadays, these animals are endangered because of being the subject of hunting.

African Buffalo quiz includes some curious multiple-choice questions about these animals.

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1. What is the conservation status of the African buffalo?

2. What the gestation period of African buffaloes?

3. Which subspecies of African buffalo is the largest?

4. What is the cost of buffalo hunting?

5. When do young male buffaloes rejoin a herd to mate with the females?

6. What is the main family group that the African Buffalo is apart of?

7. When did the great rinderpest epidemic occur?

8. How many subspecies of African Buffalo exist?

9. What is the price of disease-free buffaloes sold to breeders?

10. When do male calves leave their mothers to join the bachelor groups?