Agate Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions and Answers

Agate Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions and Answers
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Agate is a mineral, a type of quartz, whose origin is still not fully understood. It is very varied in color, usually dominated by an alternation of gray-blue and white layers.

The Agate Quiz consists of 10 multiple choice trivia questions that will test your general knowledge of the subject. Some of them will be easy, and others will be quite difficult. How many correct answers will you give?

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1. What is agate?

2. Who proposed the name "agate"?

3. What is the other name of the Mexican agate?

4. Where was the Greek agate first found?

5. Which country is the only to have a source of Blue lace agate?

6. Where can Crazy Lace agate be found?

7. When can Polyhedroid agate only be found?

8. Which country has sources of Patuxent River agate?

9. What is made of agate?