Airplanes Quiz: questions and answers

Airplanes Quiz: questions and answers
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The invention of the airplane completely changed the world. Nowadays, people can travel from one continent to another in less than a day. Isn't that amazing?

Airplanes quiz contains several curious multiple-choice questions and answers to test what do you know about these aircraft.

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1. "The first sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight" was invented in 1903 by:

2. What is the shape of the airplane wings called?

3. The first practical jet aircraft was the German:

4. There is a large difference in pressure between the air outside and inside planes which is balanced by which design aspect of the windows?

5. The crew, passengers and cargo are held in which part of the airplane?

6. A jet aircraft has a typical landing or takeoff speeds of:

7. What are the structural parts of a fixed-wing aircraft called?

8. Where are the lavatory toilet contents first dumped?

9. What is a shape of a delta wing?

10. Normally the oxygen masks have enough oxygen to suffice for what time?