Alaska Quiz: questions and answers

Alaska Quiz: questions and answers
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Alaska is the largest and most northern state of the USA. This state shares its maritime borders with Russia, the country that sold this land to America in the XIX century.

Alaska quiz consists of some interesting questions with answers to test your knowledge about this state.

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1. How many days a year can the Aurora Borealis be seen in Fairbank?

2. Which sea is Alaska not situated in?

3. How many lakes are in Alaska?

4. What is the capital of Alaska?

5. Which place has both the longest and shortest days of the year?

6. Roughly how many earthquakes does Alaska get each year?

7. What percentage of Alaskans speak English?

8. Which year did Alaska become a U.S. state?

9. How old was the person who designed the Alaskan flag?

10. What year did Prospect Creek Camp have the lowest recorded temperature of -80 degrees Fahrenheit in Alaska?