Albert Einstein Quiz: questions and answers

Albert Einstein Quiz: questions and answers
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Einstein is one of the greatest men of science. He made a lot of important discoveries, which are staple in physics. Want to check what do you know about this great scientist?

Albert Einstein quiz will help you to check your knowledge about this amazing man. Quiz includes 10 questions with multiple answers. Good luck!

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1. When was Albert Einstein born?

2. Which award did Albert Einstein receive in 1921?

3. What is the important physical equation given by Albert Einstein?

4. Whom did Einstein meet at the age of 13, who made him refigure his religious beliefs?

5. Where was Einstein born?

6. When did Einstein first visit the USA?

7. What was Einstein doing when he got a clear understanding of the theory of relativity?

8. Which school subject was Einstein weak at?

9. When did he become the Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin?

10. Which country offered Einstein to become its president?