Alexander McQueen Quiz: questions and answers

Alexander McQueen Quiz: questions and answers
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McQueen was one of the most famous British fashion designers. He was four times awarded British Designer of the Year.

Alexander McQueen quiz consists of interesting questions and answers about the life and career of this great man of fashion.

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1. What is Alexander McQueen's full name?

2. Where was Alexander McQueen born?

3. When was he born?

4. What was the cause of death of Alexander McQueen?

5. What was the profession of Alexander McQueen's father?

6. Where did Alexander McQueen graduate from?

7. How many times did Alexander McQueen win the title "British Designer of the Year"?

8. Who was named as the new creative director of fashion brand Alexander McQueen after McQueen's death?

9. Whom did Alexander McQueen design a Union Jack-based coat for?

10. When did Alexander McQueen work as chief designer at Givenchy?