Amalfi Quiz: questions and answers

Amalfi Quiz: questions and answers
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Amalfi is a beautiful Italian city located in the Southern part of the country. It is considered the world heritage by UNESCO.

Amalfi quiz includes 10 questions and answers about this ancient city.

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1. What is Amalfi?

2. Which famous movie was filmed in Amalfi?

3. Where is Amalfi located?

4. When was Amalfi listed as a World Heritage site?

5. What is the demonym for Amalfi's people?

6. Which transport can't take you to Amalfi?

7. What is the official language of Amalfi?

8. Who is the patron saint of Amalfi?

9. Which sea surrounds the Amalfi coast?

10. When is the feast of Sant'Andrea?