American Horror Story Quiz: questions and answers

American Horror Story Quiz: questions and answers
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American Horror Story is a horror anthology TV series. Each season of the series tell the creepy story about the most mysterious phenomena.

American Horror Story quiz consists of some interesting questions and multiple choice answers to test yourself.

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1. Who created the American Horror Story TV Series?

2. What is the title of American Horror Story first season?

3. Which season starred Lady Gaga?

4. When was the first episode of the first season premiered?

5. What is Dr. Charles Montgomery's addiction?

6. What is the season Roanoke mostly deal with?

7. What is the name of Ben's mistress in the Murder House season?

8. Who becomes the Supreme witch at the and of the third season?

9. Which season was premiered on September 18, 2019?

10. Where do the events of Freak Show season take place?