American Writers Quiz: questions and answers

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American Writers Quiz: questions and answers
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What do you know about the people of American literature? Check your knowledge about American authors by playing the quiz.

American writers quiz includes 10 interesting questions about the topic.

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1. Which American writer always wears a white suit?

2. Whose real name is William Sidney Porter?

3. Who is the author of The Abortion: An Historical Romance?

4. Which nickname did Jim and Carolyn Hogan use?

5. Which American writer is the brother of Philip Сook?

6. Which American writer is mostly known because of his research of the Yaqui Indians?

7. Which famous American writer went to Alaska under the influence of the «gold rush»?

8. Which novel made Aldous Huxley famous?

9. Who wrote the book about Aloysius Pendergast?

10. Where was John Henry O’Hara born?