America’s Got Talent Quiz: questions and answers

America’s Got Talent Quiz: questions and answers
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America’s Got Talent is the most popular TV show in the US. It is a contest where people can show their incredible talents and win the prize.

America’s Got Talent quiz includes questions and answers about this TV show.

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1. Who created America's Got Talent?

2. What type of show is America's Got Talent?

3. Who is the longest serving presenter?

4. Who currently presents America's Got Talent?

5. Who was the 3rd judge in the first season?

6. When was the show released?

7. Who was the runner-up in season 4?

8. Who of the following was never a judge in America's Got Talent?

9. Who was the first non-singer winner of America's Got Talent?

10. Which network broadcasts the show?