Ancient Rome History Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

Ancient Rome History Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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Ancient Roman civilization was one of the most influential in the history of humankind. Ancient Rome was the most powerful state in the world at the time of its exitance.

The Ancient Rome History Quiz contains several multiple choice trivia questions and answers to test your knowledge of this period in European history.

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1. When the Ancient Rome was found?

2. The Roman-Persian first war was against?

3. When the nephew of Augustus (Marcus Claudius Marcellus) died?

4. Who was the the second king of Rome?

5. Who deposed tarquin the proud?

6. In what century Rome faced a new and formidable opponent?

7. Who began The Punic war?

8. When were the Macedonian and Seleucid empires defeated in?

9. Who Gaius Marius began his quarrel with?

10. Who Gaius Julius Caesar reconciled with to achieve power?