Angela Merkel Quiz: questions and answers

Angela Merkel Quiz: questions and answers
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Angela Merkel is Chancellor of Germany and ane of the greatest women in global politics. She started her political career soon after the Berlin wall had fallen.

Angela Merkel quiz includes 10 interesting questions about the biography of this woman.

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1. What is Angela Merkel's birth name?

2. When was Angela Merkel born?

3. Angela Merkel is a German politician serving as:

4. Whom is Angela Merkel married to?

5. What religion do Angela Merkel practice?

6. Where did Angela Merkel graduate from?

7. When did Angela Merkel assume the office of Chancellor of Germany for the first time?

8. Which of the following politicians is a member of the fourth cabinet of Angela Merkel?

9. As a female politician from a center-right party who is also a scientist, Merkel has been compared by many in the English-language press to:

10. What animal is Angela Merkel afraid of?