Animal Farm Quiz: questions and answers

Animal Farm Quiz: questions and answers
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The book was written by Orwell four years before he created his most famous novel "1984".

Animal Farm Quiz consists of fun and interesting questions related to the plot of the novel. Try your best while playing this quiz!

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1. Who is the author of "Animal Farm"?

2. When was "Animal Farm" published?

3. What is the genre of the book "Animal Farm"?

4. What was the total number of pages in the original publication of "Animal Farm"?

5. When did the book "Animal Farm" win the Hugo Award?

6. When had George Orwell started to write the "Animal Farm" book?

7. Which historical event inspired the author to write this novel?

8. What is the name of the farm from the novel?

9. Who was the owner of the farm?

10. Who inspired animals to make the revolution?