Animal World Quiz: questions and answers

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Animal World Quiz: questions and answers
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The life of animals was one of the most interesting topics of all time. Many scientists spend their life learning about the planet's fauna. Let's check what do you know about animals.

Animal World quiz has 10 curious questions about our friends from thу wildlife.

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1. What is the name of family groups of lions?

2. Which of the animals in nature does not live in a group of their own kind?

3. What kind of dog does have a dark-purple tongue?

4. Which animal does have the highest blood pressure?

5. Which of the following animals may be born under water?

6. What kind of mammal does have wings and can fly?

7. What colour is lobster’s blood?

8. What animal recognizes itself in the mirror?

9. What kind of bird the French call the "Flying rat"?

10. What animal can go without water longer than a camel?