Quiz: Animals of Our Planet

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Quiz: Animals of Our Planet
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The animals living on our planet are astonishingly diverse. They are able to survive despite the difficult conditions, both created by nature and created by man. But some of them need our active help and special attention to their salvation.

The Quiz "Animals of Our Planet", which we ask you to complete today, consists of 15 questions of varying difficulty. Test your knowledge!

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1. This marsupial animal lives in Australia. It has battle spurs on its hind legs, which contain poison.

2. What sound do marmots make when warning their relatives of danger?

3. This horse has not yet been domesticated by man.

4. This powerful tiger is listed in the Red Book of Russia.

5. Which bird is often called the highest-flying bird? Science knows of a case where it collided with an airplane at an altitude of 11,277 meters.

6. This is a handsome bear that lives in China and is listed in the Red Book.

7. Which of the crocodiles that live in Africa is the largest?

8. Mousebird is a ...

9. Where do gnu antelopes live in the wild?

10. The two-humped camel is a ...

11. How much does a blue whale's tongue weigh?

12. After the blue whale, which animal ranks second in weight among the animals of our planet?

13. Which animal laughs when tickled?

14. Which family includes the bird that is capable of the greatest speed?

15. Phyllomedusa is a ...