Apollo 13 Quiz: questions and answers

Apollo 13 Quiz: questions and answers
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Appolo 13 was one of the manned missions launched in order to land on Moon's surface. That was the only Appolo mission during which the serious problems with the spacecraft occurred.

Apollo 13 quiz includes several multiple-choice questions with answers to test yourself.

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1. When was Apollo 13 launched?

2. Who was the commander of the Apollo 13 mission?

3. What was the duration of the Apollo 13 mission?

4. What was the cause of the Apollo 13 accident?

5. How far did the Apollo 13 mission travel?

6. What was Apollo 13's mission?

7. When was Apollo 13 mission aborted?

8. Where is the Apollo 13 Command Module currently displayed at?

9. Which award was given to the Apollo 13 astronauts by President Richard Nixon?

10. Which actor portrayed Jim Lovell in the Apollo 13 (1995) film?