April Fool Quiz: questions and answers

April Fool Quiz: questions and answers
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It is clearly unknown who and when started to celebrate April's Fool Day, but since the Middle Ages to modern days it is celebrated all over the world.

April Fool Quiz consists of fun questions and answers about the funniest unofficial holiday.

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1. What is April Fools' Day also known as?

2. When April Fools' Day celebrated each year?

3. When April Fools' Day gained its popularity?

4. In the UK, an April Fools' joke is revealed by shouting:

5. In Ireland April Fools' Day traditionally celebrated?

6. What is April Fools' Day known as in Poland?

7. What was the BBC telecasted prank about April Fools' in 1957 called?

8. Where is April 1 tradition often known as "April fish"?

9. Where was April Fools' Day traditionally called "Huntigowk Day"?

10. Where do most news media publish false news on April 1?