Architecture of Moscow Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

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Architecture of Moscow Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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The capital of Russia attracts many tourists every year. Moscow is filled with both ugly and beautiful historical buildings which make the city's appearance unique and fascinating. 

The Architecture of Moscow Quiz has 10 interesting multiple choice trivia questions with answers that will help you to revise your knowledge about the topic.

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1. On which hill of modern Moscow was the first settlement called Moscow Kremlin founded?

2. Which monastery was built on the right bank of Moscow river in 1560?

3. What is the first stone building built in the Kremlin?

4. Which cathedral was built to celebrate the siege of Kazan?

5. Who is the architect of the Governor General palace, the Senate building in the Moscow Kremlin and Eliseev’s home?

6. Which architect built Lenin's Mausoleum?

7. When was the Moscow Metro opened?

8. Which of these buildings not destroyed in the 1930s?

9. Which symbol of Moscow is situated on Poklonnaya Hill?

10. What is architecture style, which appeared in Moscow in the early 2000s?