Argentina Quiz: questions and answers

Argentina Quiz: questions and answers
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Argentina is one of the counties of Latin America. It is located on the south of South American continent and most famous for football and tango.

Argentina quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers about this beautiful country.

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1. What is the capital of Argentina?

2. What is the official language of Argentina?

3. Who is the current President of Argentina?

4. What was the population of Argentina in 2016?

5. What is the gross domestic product (GDP) of Argentina?

6. Who is known as "El Libertador of Argentina, Chile, and Peru"?

7. Who was Argentina at war with from April 2nd to June 14th, 1982?

8. What is the Argentina women's national field hockey team known as?

9. How many FIFA World Cups did Maradona win for Argentina?

10. Where was Lionel Messi born?