Armed Forces Day Quiz: questions and answers

Armed Forces Day Quiz: questions and answers
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Armed Forces Day is a holiday observed in many countries. It is celebrated in honor of military men who are supposed to be our protectors.

Armed Forces Day quiz includes some interesting questions and answers about this international holiday.

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1. In the United States, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on which Saturday in May?

2. When did the first Armed Forces Day in the United Kingdom take place?

3. Serbian Armed Forces Day takes place on 23 April, marking which Serbian historic event?

4. Polish Armed Forces Day is celebrated annually on 15 August, commemorating the anniversary of Poland's 1920 victory over which country?

5. Italian Armed Forces Day is celebrated on 4 November to remember the Italian victory in which war?

6. How many commemorative dates of the Armed Forces does Croatia have?

7. Which saint is the patron saint of the Bulgarian Armed Forces?

8. Where was The United States' longest continuously running Armed Forces Day Parade held?

9. When was The United States' Armed Forces Day created?

10. Which US President led the effort to establish a single holiday for citizens to come together and thank military members for their patriotic service of the country?