Atheism Quiz: questions and answers

Atheism Quiz: questions and answers
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Atheism is the rejection of any religion or existence of deities. What do you know about this?

Atheism quiz includes some questions and multiple choice answers related to the topic.

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1. What is atheism?

2. In the United States, which organization bars atheists from joining?

3. How many types of atheism exist?

4. The word "atheism" is derived from the French "athéisme". In which year did it appear in English?

5. "New Atheism" is a movement among some early-21st-century atheist writers. With whom is it mostly associated?

6. What is implicit atheism?

7. What is explicit atheism?

8. Explicit atheism is subdivided further into how many groups?

9. Who subdivided the explicit atheism into different groups?

10. When was the first atheist monument unveiled on American government property?