Augustus Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions and Answers

Augustus Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions and Answers
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Augustus was one of the most influential politicians in the history of ancient Rome who is known as the first Emperor of the Roman empire.

The Augustus Quiz includes some multiple choice trivia questions to test what do you know about his personality.

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1. Who was Augustus?

2. Who was his maternal great-uncle?

3. Where was Augustus buried after death?

4. At what age did Augusuts die?

5. What does "Divi filius" mean?

6. When was the second triumvirate formed?

7. Who did Octavian give his sister in marriage to?

8. Who did Octavian defeat on 1 August 30 BC?

9. The Senate gave Octavian the title of Augustus. What does this title symbolize?