Austrian Cuisine Quiz: questions and answers

Austrian Cuisine Quiz: questions and answers
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Austrian culinary traditions have been forming under the influence of Hungarian, Bavarian and Italian cuisines. Recipes and cooking methods adopted from other cuisines were integrated into local traditions to form the unique Austrian diet. 

Austrian Cuisine quiz includes some interesting questions and multiple choice answers to test how well do you know the topic.

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1. What is a mid-morning or mid-afternoon bite consisting of a slice of bread topped with cheese or ham called?

2. What are Knodels?

3. How many different flavors does The Austrian Zotter chocolate have?

4. What is the national drink of Austria?

5. What is the world-famous Austrian chocolate cake called?

6. What is Wiener Schnitzel made of?

7. What is Frittatensuppe?

8. Which oil is typically used in Austrian cuisine?

9. What is the Austrian extra fluffy and shredded pancake with sugar topping known as?

10. What is a typical Christmas dish in Austria?