Avengers Quiz: questions and answers

Avengers Quiz: questions and answers
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Avengers is a team of superheroes created by Marvel comics. The first comic book about this team was released in 1963 where they were called the earth's mightiest heroes. Play the quiz and test how well do you know this topic.

Avengers quiz contains ten multiple-choice questions and answers to test your knowledge.

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1. Who was not in the original Avengers team?

2. Who is the publisher for Avenger Comic Books?

3. Who did Ant-Man become by issue #2?

4. How often was the initial Avengers series published?

5. What is the famous label for Avengers?

6. Which villain is Wonder Man's brother?

7. What is the famous battle cry of Avengers?

8. Where was Captain America founded trapped in the ice block in 1964?

9. Which superhero team did Lee and Kirby renovate to form Avengers?

10. Who is Thor to Asgardian god Loki?