Bach Quiz: questions and answers

Bach Quiz: questions and answers
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Johann Sebastian Bach was a great composer, organist, kapellmeister and musical tutor.  He is best known as the great master of polyphony.

Bach quiz consists of several multiple-choice questions and answers to test your knowledge of the topic.

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1. Who was Johann Sebastian Bach?

2. How many children did Bach have with Anna Magdelena Wülcken?

3. Where was Bach born?

4. Throughout the 18th century Bach was mostly renowned as:

5. Who gave Bach the title of "Royal Court Composer"?

6. How old was Bach when both of his parents died?

7. What religion did Bach practice?

8. The Well-Tempered Clavier was intended to:

9. Where was most of Bach's choral music composed?

10. Who hired Bach to serve as his Kapellmeister in 1717?