Bachata Quiz: questions and answers

Bachata Quiz: questions and answers
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Bachata is the national music and dance of the Republic of Dominicana that gained popularity all over Latin America.

Bachata quiz contains some interesting questions and answers about this unique musical genre.

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1. Where did the bachata originate?

2. All of the following are typical instruments used for bachata music, EXCEPT:

3. Which band created the urban bachata style?

4. Which instrument serves the purpose of adding syncopation to bachata music?

5. Who was the first to record bachata music with an electric guitar sounds?

6. When did Juan Luis Guerra win Grammy Award for "Bachata Rosa"?

7. When did bachata music originate?

8. Who was the first to record bachata music?

9. In which position was bachata originally danced?

10. How many bachata style versions exist?