Microbiology Bacteria Quiz: questions and answers

Microbiology Bacteria Quiz: questions and answers
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Bacteria are an important part of nature. They can be both beneficial and harmful, but life couldn't exist without them.

Microbiology Bacteria Quiz consists of questions and multiple choice answers which will help you to test your knowledge about these amazing organisms.

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1. Where do bacteria live?

2. How many bacterial cells are there in a gram of soil?

3. Which part of the body has the largest number of bacteria?

4. What is a pathogenic bacterium?

5. What are the most common fatal bacterial diseases?

6. Why are bacteria important in the industry?

7. What are the spherical bacterial species called?

8. What are the major criteria in which the bacterial metabolism is classified?

9. What is it called when a bacterium get their carbon from another organic carbon?

10. How can bacterial infections be treated?