Bar and Bat Mitzvah Quiz: questions and answers

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Quiz: questions and answers
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1. In Bar and Bat Mitzvah, what are Bar and Bat refer to?

2. How many men were allowed to attend the mitzvah party in Berlin in 1730s?

3. What is the set of small black leather boxes containing scrolls of parchment inscribed with verses from the Torah called?

4. What is the minimum age to have a bat mitzvah?

5. How many Jewish adults does Minyan have?

6. According to Reform Jews, at what age do Bar and Bat become Mitzvah?

7. Where do left handed people wear the arm tefillin?

8. Many traditional Jews mark a child's reaching the age of majority on:

9. A head Tefillin is put on and removed in which position?

10. Haftarah portions come from which books?