Barbecue Quiz: questions and answers

Barbecue Quiz: questions and answers
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Barbecue is the term used for a method of cooking and a style of food cooked in a special way. Barbecue is a very popular cooking method in the USA. What do you know about it?

Barbecue quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers to test your knowledge.

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1. What is the abbreviation of barbecue?

2. What is the main product in a barbecue?

3. What type of activity is barbecue?

4. How is barbecue done?

5. Where is the barbecue a very popular practice?

6. Which of the following isn’t a barbecue technique?

7. What is also known as barbecue?

8. Where barbecue is also very popular?

9. What is barbecue known as in Spain?

10. Where does the word 'barbecue' come from?